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ABOUT - ROXX, The CORE, New Romance & CUT 299

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part of the boston, ma local music scene 1978-1987...

As young musicians, we all had our favorite band, artist or musician that we were inspired and influenced by. Mine happened to be a talented and popular local rock band that my older brother Jim managed. As a young kid at 12 years old, I was introduced to the music and the individuals of a band that were based right out of my home town of North Andover, Massachusetts which soon later became known as ROXX. This webpage is dedicated to my "local heroes" who were best known as ROXX, The CORE, NEW ROMANCE and CUT 299.


Their different musical directions and musicianship still inspires me to this day as a musician / songwriter. Many great tunes were written and recorded by this group of musicians with a number of songs being aired on local radio.


As I surf and research the internet, I frequently come across web pages and social media sites which celebrate the past and present of the Boston Music Scene and the great bands that made up the scene. As the members of these acts have all moved on with successful professional careers, I would like to dedicate this web presence for them...Michael A Hughes


WBCN Rock 'n' Roll Rumble:


CUT 299 - 1986



Jim Shalhoup, Guitar;

John Shalhoup, Bass;

Eric Nolin, Drums;

Eric Fitzgerald, Guitar;

Tracie Carr, Vocals (1979-1981);

Jack Crane, Vocals (1978-1979)



Jim Shalhoup, Guitar;

John Shalhoup, Bass;

Eric Nolin, Drums;

Mike Demers, Guitar;

Tracie Carr, Vocals



Jim Shalhoup, Guitar/Keys

John Shalhoup, Bass/Keys

Eric Nolin, Drums

Mike Demers, Guitar/Keys

Tracie Carr, Vocals


CUT 299

Jim Shalhoup, Guitar

John Shalhoup, Bass/Keys

Eric Nolin, Drums

Mike Demers, Keys

Bobby Marron, Vocals (formally from Boston's "The Atlantics").


The Management

Jim Hughes (my brother) – Cut 299; New Romance; The Core & Roxx

Bob Abisi Cut 299

Joe Shalhoup – (Sound Engineer): Cut 299; New Romance; The Core & Roxx.


The MP3's links below to are from old, overplayed cassette tapes. I will hopefully be receiving new copies of these demos in the near future and will re-upload them. In the meantime, enjoy the music from CUT 299, NEW ROMANCE; THE CORE and ROXX which were formally from the Boston Music Scene from 1978-1987.


© All Material (music, lyrics and melodies) are protected by copyright laws. All Rights Reserved. All songs are available for streaming ONLY. They are NOT available to download or for sale.


Front: Jim Shalhoup, Eric Fitzgerald.

Back: John Shalhoup, Tracie Carr, Eric Nolin.


ROXX - (1978-1981)



"A Space in Time"

"Do it My Way"


"The Price You Pay"

"All You've Got"

"On My Way"


Jim Shalhoup, Eric Nolin, Tracie Carr, Mike Demers, John Shalhoup.

The CORE - (1981-1983)


"Don't Leave Me Crying"

"Love Me til' the Morning Comes"

"Hole's in My Shoe's"


"Face in the Crowd"

"How Does It Feel"


Mike Demers, John Shalhoup, Bobby Marron, Jim Shalhoup, Eric Nolin.


CUT 299 - (1984-1987)

"When We Dance" - Radio Version

"Just Another Night"

"All of You"

"Was It Love You Wanted"


"It Must Be Love"

"When We Dance" - Dance Version

"One Step Closer" - Live

"New Spark's" - Live

"Mission" - Live

"Life Move's On" - Live

"Dance With Me" - Live

"Back Into Life" - Live

"The Art of Dreaming" - Live

"Us Love" - Live

"Take Me Into My Heart" - Live

Jim Shalhoup, Eric Nolin, Tracie Carr,

Mike Demers, John Shalhoup.

NEW ROMANCE - (1983)

"Simple Dreams"

"Tear's of a Clown"

"Silent and Strong"

"When We Dance"

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