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HIGH GEAR was a Salem, New Hampshire - USA based band, which performed in the Boston, Massachusetts Local Music Scene in 1988-1990. Original members were:

Steve Ciarcia (Salem, New Hampshire): Lead Vocals / Guitar;

Michael Hughes (North Andover, Massachusetts): Bass Guitar / Backing Vocals;

Bob Vernon (North Andover, Massachusetts): Drums and

Kurt Federow (Salem, New Hampshire): Keyboards / Backing Vocals.


The band received outstanding reviews on their demo release, which contained the songs: "Take Me Home", "Breaking My Heart" and "Plastic Lover". The band performed at several venues including “The Channel” in Boston, Massachusetts; “Edible Rex” in Billerica, Massachusetts; “Jumbo’s” in Somerville, Massachusetts and many others.

In March 1998, a party was arranged and a 1-night "reunion" of HIGH GEAR was put together, however, not able to locate Bob V. and Kurt for this event, this 1-night “reunion” consisted of: Steve and Michael along with long time friends Bob Harnden (Voyager, Zalla) on Guitars and Jeff Bishop (Moving Pictures - A Tribute to Rush) on Drums. This performance was recorded and in 2001 the CD, HIGH GEAR - "268 Main Street", was made available (along with the original three songs from the 1989 demo and a 1987 demo of “Take It Away” with Mike Bistany on Drums). Those who knew the band can guess where "268 Main Street" came from and all the good times we all had there. A second “reunion” party was arranged and held on September 21, 2001 with the same line up from 1998 with the addition of Zach Rhey (Salem, New Hampshire) on guitar.


In 2008, Michael was inspired to professionally re-record all of the old HIGH GEAR material and the final result was High Gear - "Reinvented". The following musicians contributed their talents to this CD:

  • Michael A Hughes: Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals

  • Jeff Bishop: Drums

  • Mike Demers: Guitars

  • Phil Vincent: Vocals on "Take Me Home", "Come Back" and "Looking Good"

  • Tricia Dovidio: Vocals on "Breaking My Heart"

"Reinvented" (©1989, 1998, 2009)


"Take Me Home"

"Come Back"

"Looking Good"

"Breaking My Heart"

"Are You Ready to Rock" with Live Intro

"Take It Away"

"One Night"

"Wild Child"

"I Can Feel It"

"Plastic Lover"

"Wanna Be Your Lover"

"What You Said to Me"

"268 Main Street" (©1989, 1998)


"Take Me Home" - demo

"Breaking My Heart" - demo

"Plastic Lover" - demo

"Take It Away" - demo

"Are You Ready to Rock" - live

"Come Back" - live

"Looking Good" - live

"Wanna Be Your Lover" - live

"Wild Child" - live

"What You Said to Me" - demo

"One Night" - rehearsal

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