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Michael Hughes Project

Original / Melodic Rock

Michael A Hughes; MHPMUSIC; Michael Hughes Project


* November 04, 2023: New Release - "I Want To Know" (Hit's #1 in Hard Rock Chart (#4 in all of Rock Chart).

* October 07, 2023: New Release - "Invisible Sun" - The Police Cover (Hit's #5 in Cover Songs Chart (#27 in all of Rock Chart).

* August 25, 2023: New Release - "No More Goodbyes" (Hit's #1 in Hard Rock Chart (#8 in all of Rock Chart).


Awesome - This is great (“Love’s Not the Question”)!!! We need more of this… Kayla –

Move over Journey-

Not bad at all (“Love’s Not the Question”). The bass is pretty awesome... all instrumentation is well done. Nice Job... SideSwipe –

Love's Not the Question”-

Sounds like what you'd get if ABC, Duran Duran and Saga had a baby in the early 80's. However, if you love the 80's music... this is a good start on bringing it back. Good song... Dnyborg –

Good pure AOR material on this compilation (Odds’n’Ends), such as the AOR rockers “Broken Heart”, “Can I”, “Not Your Love”, “Doubt the Love” and “Take Care” that all sound a bit like PHIL VINCENT… Gabor Kleinbloesem / Strutter'zine-The Netherlands.

A very capable musician with a good feel. They say that everything old can/will become new again and I feel that Michael is right on time for this style of 80's rock to come back again…, USA.

…musically can be defined as pop/AOR and by common perception; close to the sounds of JOURNEY and PHIL VINCENT… Slam! Party Rock'zine-Italy.

These tunes are great if you enjoy melodic/rock style material… Northeast Local Rock-New Hampshire, USA.

Honestly, the material I'm hearing is very catchy, the hooks, everything!!!… Nicky Baldrian / Fireworks Magazine-UK.

I can see his material going over well at music publishers as well as record labels… International Marketing Group-Canada.

The songs are pretty much bringing you into AOR HEAVEN (Combined Forces), because they are that good… Gabor Kleinbloesem / Strutter'zine-The Netherlands.

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